Heat treatment technology

The use of fully automatic lines in all heat treatment processes allows a 24/7 operation. The gapless documentation of all process-relevant parameters is ensured by means of a superordinate control software. Short response times guarantee an effective and joint process development.

Film: Innovative heat treatment technology

Besides conventional heat treatment under protective gas and oil quenching, we also offer innovative procedures such as low-pressure carburizing with high-pressure gas quenching. The benefit of this environmentally beneficial treatment is little heat distortion of high-precision parts and no edge oxidation. Subsequent operations such as grinding and bead blasting may in some cases even become obsolete.

Nitriding, sub-zero cooling as well as cleaning and oiling with hydrocarbons round off our offer.

Of course we also offer certification notes, hardness testing methods and microstructure assessment.

Our manufacturing processes cover quenching and tempering, case hardening, carbonitriding, vacuum hardening, various annealing treatments, short-term gas nitriding, carburizing, induction hardening and sub-zero cooling.

  • Case-hardened steel
  • Nitriding steel
  • Machining steel
  • Tempering steel
  • Rolling bearing steel
  • Spring steel etc.

  • Plugged
  • Set
  • Bulkware

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