Our Wide Spectrum of Competencies

Berger gives all it has

We see ourselves as a manufacturer of premium products worldwide, as a leader in technology and innovation – and this is reflected in our speed, the innovative processes and the quality of our products.
Precision stands for maximum precision and thoroughness in development and production, our reliability, the care taken by our staff and by our zero-defects strategy.
Perfection embodies all our skill and knowledge that we have perfected in a masterly way over the years, our stable processes, the quality of our products and processes and our striving towards continuous improvement.
This is a guarantee for our high quality standards in production.

Berger dimensions

From 2 to 2,000 mm in diameter and up to 3,000 mm in length

Whether we begin from rods, cast or extruded blanks, semi-finished parts or cut pieces – we manufacture precision parts from 2 mm up to 2,000 mm in diameter, with lengths up to 3,000 mm, and with cubic components up to 1,800 x 1,500 x 1,000 mm. We constantly expand our competencies in nano-processing through special production procedures. This strength of the Berger group is greatly valued by our customers who have extremely high precision requirements.
In addition to standard steels, we work with the following materials:
  • Case-hardened and tempered steels
  • Chrome-nickel steels
  • Rust- and acid-resistant steels
  • NF metals such as brass, copper and aluminum

Just ask us

From production to assembly

Every day, Berger is proud to ship hundreds of thousands of components and modules from our plants worldwide. Berger offers full service expertise – from design, product and tool development, to machining, in-house hardening facilities, to superfinishing, assemblies, and shipping. Berger is an expert partner ready to meet your business needs.