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A wide variety of industries

Berger brings movement into all areas of industry

Berger has made a name for itself worldwide in its capacity as a manufacturer of ready to install high-precision parts and components. We have been proudly producing components for companies that represent all these listed industries, for over 65 years.


The automotive industry is our DNA

The Berger group is one of the leading suppliers for the automotive industry worldwide. Many leading customers have trusted Berger quality for decades. Berger manufactures precision parts and modules for a wide range of application areas in the automotive sectors which include: motors, fuel injection, transmissions, steering, camshafts, brakes, sensors and chassis.


  • Turbocharger


  • Exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Exhaust gas recirculation


  • Various applications

Fuel injection

Diesel and gasoline injection

  • Injectors
  • Pumps
  • Pressure control
  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Rail components


  • Hydraulics
  • Transmission control
  • Change speed selector pistons


  • Electronic steering
  • Hydraulic / mechanical


  • Valve gear
  • Camshaft adjustment
  • Hydraulic / mechanical


  • Brake servos and boosters
  • Conventional / electrical
  • Chassis control
  • ESP
  • ABS
  • Antiroll control


  • Shock absorbers
  • Chassis control

The exact solutions to meet your needs

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Berger is a full service reliable quality supplier, with comprehensive capabilities and a depth of expertise. Please contact us to see how our teams can help you meet your business needs, and become a partner in your success!

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