Milestones of the Berger Group

Berger writes history

Since founded by Alois Berger in 1955, Berger has always represented growth and perseverance. Our steadfast and unshakable foundation has allowed us to prove ourselves as a competent partner, always focusing on furthering development and innovation, especially in the most difficult of times.


Founding of the company

Founding of the company by Alois Berger in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz with operating area of 105 m² and two trained workers


New construction in Ottobeuren

New construction in and move to Ottobeuren, production area: 420 m², 21 employees


Apprentice training

  • Further investments in single-spindle automatic lathes and in quality assurance
  • Beginning of the training of apprentices at Berger


A reason to celebrate

More than 2 million DM turnover for the first time


Cooperation with Bosch

  • Introduction of multi-spindle automatic lathes
  • Start of cooperation with Bosch


A new administration building

Construction of a new two-storey administration building in Ottobeuren


The first Hydromat rotary transfer machine

  • Commissioning of the first "Hydromat" rotary transfer machine from Pfiffner
  • Entry into grinding technology with the founding of Berger Feintechnik GmbH Ummendorf


Berger Grinding competency

Start of grinding technology with founding of Berger Feintechnik GmbH in Ummendorf


Berger goes international

Founding of the first production facilities outside Germany: A. Berger Precision Ltd. in Brampton, Canada


Expansion of the Ottobeuren location

  • Move into the newly built production hall with clean room and air-conditioned production area at the Ottobeuren location
  • Start of production of in-house hardening facility


Entry into high-tech machining

Founding of A. Berger GmbH & Co. KG high-tech machining in Memmingen


Expansion of production in Memmingen

Start of superfinishing with honing and grinding at the Memmingen location


A major step in Quality Management

Certification for the first time to ISO 9002 at the Ottobeuren, Memmingen and Ummendorf locations, forerunner of ISO 9001


Machine parts and modules

  • Entry into the production of machine parts, ball screw drives, hollow shaft motors and modules by the acquisition of the Wertach plant
  • More than 10 million EUR turnover for the first time


Founding of location in USA

Building of our Spartanburg location, in South Carolina, USA


CNC multii-spindle automatic machines

Commissioning of the first CNC multi-spindle automatic machine


Expansion of the Memmingen location

Hall rebuilding for the first Bergomat CTC16 and its commissioning at the Memmingen location.


Founding of Berger Holding

  • Founding of Berger Holding, Memmingen
  • Corporate headquarters created in Memmingen location
  • Move into the new production hall with 11,000 m² at the Memmingen location


Berger goes to Eastern Europe

Purchasing of property in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland and founding of A. Berger Polska Sp. z o.o.


Further certifications

Certification to ISO/TS 16949 for the first time at the Ottobeuren, Memmingen, Ummendorf and Wertach locations and the hardening facility at Memmingen


Berger becomes bigger

  • More than 70 million EUR turnover for the first time
  • Completion of a new hall with a modern office building at the location in Poland
  • Setting up of various departments for the production of complex modules at the Memmingen location
  • Certification to ISO/TS 16949 for the first time at the location in Canada


The 50th anniversary of the founding of the company

Publication of the chronicle "50 years of precision – The story of a success"


Protection of the environment at Berger

Introduction of an environmental management system to promote sustainability at various locations


Increase in production area

Expansion of the production area through new construction to more than 68,000 m²


New construction at the location in Poland

Increase in the production area by 5,400 m² through new construction at the location in Poland


Expansion into Asia

Founding of the location in China with its own production facilities


Aerospace certification in Canada

Certification for the first time to AS9100C (aerospace certification) at the location in Canada


Implementation of SAP

Begin the implementation of SAP with the first location in Memmingen


New construction in Ummendorf

Expansion of the Ummendorf location with building on green land (5,500 m²)


Generation change

The management of Berger Holding is handed over from Alois Berger to his children Karin Berger-Haggenmiller (commercial) and Oswald Berger (technical)


The Order of Merit awarded to Alois and Edith Berger

The Bayerischer Verdienstorden (Bavarian Order of Merit) is awarded to Alois and Edith Berger by Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer


Company anniversary

Company celebrates "60 years of Berger"


Energy management at Berger

Introduction of an energy management system
Certification of the German plants to ISO 50001


Company restaurant Memmingen

Opening of a modern company restaurant at the Memmingen location


Expansion at four Berger locations

  • Expansion of the Kunshan location (China) through new construction to 10,400 m²
  • Setting up in-house metal-hardening facilities at the location in Poland
  • Modernization of the administration building at the Ottobeuren location
  • Modernization of production facilities floor space in Canada


Expansion at the Ottobeuren location

Expansion of the Ottobeuren location to a total of 16,000 m² through new construction


Innovation office in Kempten

Opening of innovation office in Kempten


65 years of Berger

Given the unfortunate global Covid-19 pandemic, we have unfortunately decided to forgo our celebrations for this momentous occasion


Certifications at the Canadian location

Berger Canada is granted registration into the Controlled Goods Program with the Federal Government and successfully obtains the Workplace Conditions Assessment

In the planning stages ...

Expansion at the Memmingen and Wertach locations